Minister Terzi congratulates new Foreign Minister of Serbia Ivan Mrkic

Posted on August 6, 2012

In Minister for Foreign Affairs Giulio Terzi’s message of congratulations sent today to new Foreign Minister of Serbia Ivan Mrkic, both personally and in the name of the Italian government, he expressed his certainty that, beginning with his upcoming visit to Belgrade Monday next, “it will be possible to work together with renewed intensity on further strengthening our countries’ strategic relations, fostering new growth opportunities under the aegis of common European values”.

Terzi recalled in his message the importance of Belgrade’s commitments over the upcoming months “ahead of the goal of setting the date for the launch of European Union accession negotiations”.

In that regard, the Italian foreign minister assured Mrkic that “Italy intends to continue to support”, his country, “encouraging prompt EU recognition of the additional progress that Serbia has been able to make”, which, Terzi underscored, “plays a central role in the success of the Balkans’ European prospects, not least within the context of regional cooperation”.

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