Militari americani sanzionati in Slovenia

Posted on February 27, 2012

My $240 border crossing

Commentary by Staff Sgt. Justin Weaver
31st Fighter Wing Public Affairs

11/22/2011 – AVIANO AIR BASE, Italy — “I meant to take the last exit,” I told my parents as I approached the Slovenian toll booth. You know the feeling you get when you realize you made a mistake or did something wrong? Yeah, that feeling began to twist my stomach in knots as a policeman motioned me to pull over.

“Where is your vignette?” he asked as I rolled my window down.

“Well,” I said, “I meant to take the last exit – we are visiting the Skocjan Caves – otherwise I would have purchased one.”

Unfortunately, he was unforgiving of the fact that I failed to take my exit and proceeded to write me up for a 300 euro ticket.

You see, in Slovenia it is mandated by law to have a vignette (toll sticker) on your vehicle if you are driving on the motorway or Ljubljana ring road. Thankfully, the 300 euro ticket is reduced to 150 euro if you pay on the spot. However, you are still required to pay the 15 euro for the weekly vignette, which I would need to go three miles on the motorway to the next exit. Talk about a costly mistake and one that my wallet will not soon forget.

This was my fourth trip to the caves, but after missing my exit, I should have pulled off at the rest stop to see if I needed a vignette to go any further. Living in Europe provides us with opportunities to travel and see amazing places. However, knowing the requirements for driving in each country and following the specific laws can get tricky. For example, motorists are required to have snow tires or snow chains on board their vehicle effective now through April 15, 2012 when driving on the following autostradas: A4 Venezia Trieste, A23 Palmanova Udine, A28 Portogruaro Conegliano and Raccordo Villesse Gorizia.

For more information on Italy-specific driving information, to include the electronic speed control system, visit

So, the next time you venture out on your European road trip, take a few minutes to research the country’s specific driving information to ensure you don’t end up with a $240 border crossing ticket.

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