13 thousand people a year die in Croatia due to smoking

Posted on February 24, 2012

Every eighth second one person in the world dies because of consequences of nicotine. Croatia is not an exception although the percentage is a bit higher here. Five million people die because of smoking and one billion people consume tobacco products. According to statistics, every third citizen of Croatia smokes. I can’t tell them all to give up smoking, but I can suggest every one of them to light at least one cigarette less during this time of Lent – the Mayor of Zagreb Milan Bandic said commenting the Croatian non smoking day.

Zvonimir Sostar, the head of the City office for Health reminded that 13 thousand people a year die because of smoking. 30 percent of young people become heavy smokers. The most alarming piece of information is that there are more and more children under 15 who start smoking. The Institute of Public Health Andrija Stampar revealed that in Zagreb there are more than 60 percent of deaths of people under 65 which are connected with smoking.

– During last four years’ period we have been performing the free medical examination of people who smoke. Last year we examined 1664 people. Most of them had lungs diseases or problems with breathing although they themselves didn’t have any symptoms – said Alma Rozman, the head of the Clinic for lung diseases.

– Today we have decided that the City of Zagreb will finance the new medical device for bronchial examination which will enable to diagnose lung diseases in people who smoke. The project itself will cost about one mil HRK – the Mayor said.


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